Hazelwoods Women's Day fancy dress entrants. [P1-4430-6820]Town Board office; corner of Main and Russell streets.Kenneth Graham Rosson 21st.Rimutaka Incline; goods train and surfacemen engaged in track work.  [P2-18-26]St Hilda's Anglican Church area, south side of Main Street.Soldiers, Trentham 1916 [P2-110-280]Fire; Benge & Pratt's store, Main Street; remains.Rugby league ball; group, with trophies and Coca-Cola prominent. [P3-418-1647]Mounted rifles, Trentham. Line of mounted horses [P3-126-676]Main St, Upper Hutt, Jan. 1948; north side 06, Dorothy-Tip-Top-Marigold.Upper Hutt railway station, under construction in 1955. [P3-281-1372]School Patrol Christmas party. [P3-329-1405]Woolworths Checkers of the Year competition 1966; audienceSilverstream railway bridge 2 (1903-1957); distant view downstream.Queen Street saleyards; cattle sale. Campbell's Sawmills Ltd, Karapoti; experimental logging tractor on bush tramway bridge. [P4-85-1629]Rugby club, 1928; juniors. [P4-116-1760]S class locomotive, single Fairlie, used between Wellington and Summit.Timber industry; axemen at Narrow Neck, Whiteman's Valley.City status proclamation, Maidstone Park; crowd at ceremony.Biggs store, Main Street; interior. [P2-939-2195]Aerial view; looking south to Trentham and racecourse. [P6-12-642]Fire Brigade; new appliance handed over, 6 August 1938.The Upper Hutt District in the 1840s, by S.C. Brees Orongomai Marae; Waitangi open day, 1998; Mawai Hakona whanau demonstrate the art of taiaha Army charter march 6, Main Street.Dunlop tyre assembly; cross-ply, small sizes



Sarah Collins, 8, and examiner Mark Quarmby, from the Society of Australian Arts, Melbourne.RSA ball 1972. [P1-2261-4651]Te Marua (Brown Owl) School hall ball.Fourmyula Lower Hutt; Carl Evenson, Wayne Mason. [P1-3880-6270]Upper Hutt College form class 5A 1967General Motors office and warehouse, Railway Avenue, seen from the north-east.Upper Hutt Pipe Band 25th jubilee(?), Hapai Club. [P1-6151-8541]St Joseph's school; Justin Gage and Desiree Morris with contributing-friend certificate from Foodbank.House, Logan Street; No. 24; pensioner flats, named after James Maher, M. P.; later, Te Awa Villas.White Cap Gown [P1-6321-8711]River protection, McLeod St, Anslow's Property looking West downstream. 25-7-1955Upper Hutt City of Song concert 2003; Harcourt Park; Renee  Pink.Trentham racecourse, 2003; Oarsman (jockey Gary Grylls); Wellington Cup  winners.Scottish Society ball. [P1-5799-8189]Maymorn Kindergarten [P1-5325-7715]Repco staff. [P1-8517-10907]Upper Hutt School; pupils looking as their great-grandparents must have.RSA Committee [P1-2062-4452]Main Street 1988; south side  1; ANZ bank, Station Street, Jina's.Mawai Hakona 00012Trentham Racecourse; archives found under the grandstand roof being processed. [P1-849-3213]Wedding; Colin Williams, Kristine Howard 21. [P1-7098-9488]St Joseph's Catholic Church; opening and blessing of the new foyer and belltower.Bush Scene Upper HuttHazelwoods sales pictures; tools; saws, garden fork and trowel, chisels. [P1-211-1137]Dunlop jubilee exhibition; rims, tyres and wheels; cycle to truckCheese workers and packaging; 1920s [P1-6447-8837]City status celebrations 1966, Maidstone Park; small floats, in the crowd.Dunlop factory construction; west end, from hillside, 5General Motors Xmas Party [P1-4063-6453]Paul Hawker, author of 'Soul Survivor', about a month spent in the Tararuas.Local election candidates 1998; Wellington Regional Council (1required); Stuart Macaskill; 1st of 2.Trentham racecourse; jockey Leanne Isherwood and Foster's Cup winner Miss Bailey.Cycletown; co-owner Odette Reid.Gymnastics; Sarah Hayston from Rimutaka Gym Club at the Wellington Open Championships, Walter Nash Stadium.Mawai Hakona 00219STC factory; loom assembly [P1-6004-8394]STC Social, 1965.Upper Hutt College; taiaha tutor Robin Peachey with Crystal Matehe, Taniera Te Maro.Wellington Golf Club Social [P1-6303-8693]Lisa Dry, right, after dancing with Rudolph Nureyev.Stepping Stones Community Childcare Centre, 29 Seddon Street; Kurt Buchanan, Ariana Kaio, Emmy Lukins at lunch.Ralston silver wedding.Drag racing; Upper Hutt street drags, Alexandra Road; Rex Duckett in big-block Chevy Vauxhall Viva.The American Dream: in rehearsal: Jim Grant, Jackie Svenson, Wendy Evans, Jocelyn Holmes. [P2-2317-11719]RSA widows' Christmas party; dance group 1. [P3-231-1308]Eyesores photographed for the City Council. [P1-6096-8486]Hazelwoods Father Christmas 1966; cave; Grumpy. [P1-4375-6765]Brown Owl School 1976 Room  3; Standard 4. [P2-1353-3011]Upper Hutt College (10) Heart of the College 2015

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