Queen Street saleyards; cattle sale. [P4-62-787]Campbell's Sawmills Ltd, Karapoti; experimental logging tractor on bush tramway bridge. [P4-85-1629]Rugby club, 1928; juniors. [P4-116-1760]S class locomotive, single Fairlie, used between Wellington and Summit. [P5-26-678]Timber industry; axemen at Narrow Neck, Whiteman's Valley.  [P5-70-772]City status proclamation, Maidstone Park; crowd at ceremony. [P5-82-799]Biggs store, Main Street; interior. [P2-939-2195]Aerial view; looking south to Trentham and racecourse. [P6-12-642]Fire Brigade; new appliance handed over, 6 August 1938.The Upper Hutt District in the 1840s, by S.C. Brees Orongomai Marae; Waitangi open day, 1998; Mawai Hakona whanau demonstrate the art of taiaha Army charter march 6, Main Street.Dunlop tyre assembly; cross-ply, small sizesMaoribank suspension bridge. [P2-1099-2406]Hazelwoods Women's Day fancy dress entrants. [P1-4430-6820]Town Board office; corner of Main and Russell streets. [P1-6468-8858]Kenneth Graham Rosson 21st. [P1-8607-10997]Rimutaka Incline; goods train and surfacemen engaged in track work.  [P2-18-26]St Hilda's Anglican Church area, south side of Main Street. [P2-85-186]Soldiers, Trentham 1916 [P2-110-280]Fire; Benge & Pratt's store, Main Street; remains. [P2-420-824]Rugby league ball; group, with trophies and Coca-Cola prominent. [P3-418-1647]Mounted rifles, Trentham. Line of mounted horses [P3-126-676]Main St, Upper Hutt, Jan. 1948; north side 06, Dorothy-Tip-Top-Marigold. [P3-398-1573]Upper Hutt railway station, under construction in 1955. [P3-281-1372]School Patrol Christmas party. [P3-329-1405]Woolworths Checkers of the Year competition 1966; audienceSilverstream railway bridge (1903-1957); distant view downstream. [P3-155-809]



Totara Park School; new playground under construction.Upper Hutt College form class photo 6A  1967Rifle shooting; Jason Davis, Chris Parnell, Colin Welch, with prizes from NZ service rifle championships. Oxford Crescent School; computers networked; Kiaya Jonker, Caroline Hamel, Kurt Bootten.Hazelwoods Father Christmas 1967; cave with fairy 2. [P1-1364-3754]View from BNZ building 1965, April; 1, looking east. [P1-0931-3295]Woolworths Checkers of the Year competition 1967; winner, Miss Bell; Alan Ramsay, manager. [P1-1860-4250]Spratt-McMillan wedding 12. [P1-8745-11135]Good Neighbour picture series; Margaret Gregan, Silverstream; nominated by the Parsons family.Tasman Vaccine Laboratory; pouring of concrete for nuclear-irradiation plant, for sterilising medical supplies.[P1-1280-3670]Police charity ride for Te Omanga Hospice; Dorothy Butterworth and organiser Mike Raynes.Military Service, World War II; engineers' trucks?Wedding; Kenneth Greig McDonald and Elizabeth Pearlene Baker 36. [P1-6843-9233.]Hazelwoods Father Christmas 1966; cave; Happy. [P1-4787-7177]Binocular appeal; binoculars being sorted. [P5-92-1181]Military Service, World War II; engineers; truck carrying excavator, on Bailey bridge alongside ruined truss bridge.Crane wedding. [P1-6706-9096]Brown Owl School 1988 Room  8 Junior 1-2; teachers Mrs S Ris, Mrs Waller. [P2-1516-3186]Wayne Roberts 21st; birthday boy at left. [P1-5589-7979]And Ten Years LaterDunlop, England; cornering force testHartley engagement. [P1-7316-9706]Knox Grant [P1-4220-6610]Smith wedding 10. [P1-8713-11103]Railways staff group in uniform. [P2-31-64]Ralton silver wedding; butchers Harry Taylor; John Stewart; "Ted" Gribben; "Laurie" Woolcott. [P1-7683-10073]Dunlop exhibition, unidentified; reception area and furniture (Dunlopillo-upholstered?)BMX racing, McLeod Street; Wellington championships; Riley McMillan.Neil Johansen, city engineer; Paremata 8/4/91. [P2-626-1533]Hazelwoods Father Christmas 1966; arrival  3A. [P5-98-1191]Dunlop group; all tyre-related? Spinning club; demonstrating the craft to Rotarians' wives. [P3-326-1402]Janette Hodson, Miss Hazelwoods 1971, and men's boxed shirts. [P1-149-1001]Military Service, World War II; artillery; 3.7-inch anti-aircraft gun.Golf; Silverstream Golf Park driving range, County Lane; simulated golf. [1994 10 25 2]Brownies, Pippins, making vegetable shishkebabs.Thompson house, Maoribank; floral arrangement group coffee party.New Clothes for the Emperor: Glynis Evans, Timothy White. [P1-8461-10851]Silverstream School; enlarged admin. block; principal Maureen Scott, board chair Jenny Wiggins.Dawn Garments ball. [P1-2805-5195]Brown Owl School 1968; gym/athletic class. [P2-1277-2935]Maidstone Mall display; Mana GoKart Club. [P1-8296-10686]Mrs Ryan Tele Ad [P1-5651-8041]Maymorn Kindergarten [P1-5367-7757]Nursing Naturally, 8a Murray Street; Beryl Ann Harris opens a private nursing service.Dunlops Xmas Party [P1-3583-5973]Upper Hutt Croquet Club photo album (1)Women's War Service Auxiliary Transport volunteers, Trentham Camp. [P4-93-1179]Avery Road Kindergarten [P1-6636-9026]Higgins O'Styke wedding 10. [P1-4885-7275]

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