Silverstream railway bridge 2 (1903-1957); distant view downstream.Queen Street saleyards; cattle sale. Campbell's Sawmills Ltd, Karapoti; experimental logging tractor on bush tramway bridge. Rugby club, 1928; juniors. [P4-116-1760]S class locomotive, single Fairlie, used between Wellington and Summit.Timber industry; axemen at Narrow Neck, Whiteman's Valley.City status proclamation, Maidstone Park; crowd at ceremony.Biggs store, Main Street; interior. [P2-939-2195]Aerial view; looking south to Trentham and racecourse. [P6-12-642]Fire Brigade; new appliance handed over, 6 August 1938.The Upper Hutt District in the 1840s, by S.C. Brees Orongomai Marae; Waitangi open day, 1998; Mawai Hakona whanau demonstrate the art of taiaha Army charter march 6, Main Street.Dunlop tyre assembly; cross-ply, small sizesHazelwoods Women's Day fancy dress entrants. [P1-4430-6820]Town Board office; corner of Main and Russell streets.Kenneth Graham Rosson 21st.Rimutaka Incline; goods train and surfacemen engaged in track work.  [P2-18-26]St Hilda's Anglican Church area, south side of Main Street.Soldiers, Trentham 1916 [P2-110-280]Fire; Benge & Pratt's store, Main Street; remains.Rugby league ball; group, with trophies and Coca-Cola prominent. [P3-418-1647]Mounted rifles, Trentham. Line of mounted horses [P3-126-676]Main St, Upper Hutt, Jan. 1948; north side 06, Dorothy-Tip-Top-Marigold.Upper Hutt railway station, under construction in 1955. [P3-281-1372]School Patrol Christmas party.Woolworths Checkers of the Year competition 1966; audience



Paul Brackley farewell (first manager, James Smiths Mall). [P1-8097-10487]Hi-Lites band, 1960s; saxophonist unidentified.Briscoe debutante candids. [P1-3246-5636]Trentham Camp; officers' mess. [P2-283-495]Election 1999; Alliance MP Phillida Bunkle and candidate Brendan Tracey.The Telephone Never Rings: Pauline Tegg. [P2-2206-11608]Wedding; Victor Mills, Carol Sharpe 39. [P1-8701-11091]Mawai Hakona 00182Carol Ross 21st; Carol and parents James - 'Jimmy' - and Agnes - 'Nessie'.Edhouse 21st [P1-2601-4991]Upper Hutt College form class 6B1 1965Bookbinding repair specialist Bill Tito and conservators from the National Library of Australia.Upper Hutt College School Leaders 1999Upper Hutt City of Song concert 2001; Harcourt Park; Maurice Picard.Aerial view looking north-east; Maoribank to Tararuas 1; photograph. [P6-8-1587a]Hazelwoods Father Christmas 1966; cave; Grumpy. [P1-4351-6741]2015_04_29_18_54_14_001012Plateau School social; the 'Plateau Popses'.House, Brentwood Street; No.  5; Brentwood Manor, or Tweed house.Dunlop factory building construction; raw-materials store structureRugby gym; last dance. [P1-8633-11023]Civic Centre site; 1969, February. [P1-0911-3275]O'Connor boy. [P1-7392-9782]Hazelwoods interior; knitting wool. [P3-191-1068]Army cartoon postcards, World War 1; ‘Sunday in camp'.(Upper) Hutt Coach Factory; apparently after J. Roberts had taken over from C. T. R. (?) Boyd.Wolf's Clothing: Jocelyn Stephenson, Eric Brown, Maria Curley. [P2-2221-11623]Wi Tako Prison; long-service awards; one clasp for 14 years, two for 21, 3 for 28.RSA opening social. [P1-8535-10925]Rimutaka Baptist Church; 6 Akatarawa Road, Brown Owl. [P2-792-1919]Dunlop tubes; celebrating the millionth; some people unidentified.Hazelwoods sales pictures; bed quilts [P1-170-1031]Braille Week; local Foundation for the Blind member Linda Johnson.Wedding; Brian John Pearce and Dale Susan Stewart; 17; Elizabeth Mansell, Audrey and Ted Gribben. [P1-8758-11148]Fergussons Rest Home; expansion completed.Rimutaka tavern logo; diamond-framed.Geange Street, left side; No.   1-5Totara Park Playcentre; Erin Haxton, four, in Logan Plaza (The Mall).Philip Maxwell Thomson; gown and hood. [P1-6074-8464]2015_04_29_18_54_14_001032Military Service, World War II; Martin 'Maryland' light bombers.Hutt Valley Disabled Resources Trust's "Walk and Wheel-a-thon" clowns in a "1930 Model A roadster" hot rod.City Status procession No. 32-33; Returned Services, Caged Bird Society.Central Institute of Technology proposed as Commonwealth Games athletes village.The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew: Ron Evans. [P1-8496-10886]2015_04_29_17_50_43_001015Upper Hutt Leader 50th jubilee; photographer Revelle Jackson.Christmas parade 1998; Santa Claus.Dunlops Xmas Party [P1-3717-6107]

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