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    By: UHCL Admin18th Dec 2019 8:17AMComments from our Facebook page on 17 December 2019:

    John Wilkes: 'I was a school kid working at the post office, took 2 days to clean up, so many damaged xmas cards and pressies. I remember all the bicycles near the station were swept away.'

    Karin Wilson: 'This was my car it looks like it I had a job working after tech at new world and got stranded at silverstream in the floods, dad had to come get me, lost my art bag everything and our Xmas presi in the flood, awful time mud rain.'

    Wyn Clout: 'Remember it well. My husband worked at NZMC on Hutt Road and rowed a dinghy along it!!'

    Cathy Ashwood: 'We lived in Deller Grove at the time. Couldn't get out of the house because of the flooding and I saw someone rowing a boat up the road.'

    Christine Gilbert: 'I lived in Trentham and worked in Wellington. Mum came into the city shopping that day. We both ended up stuck. I went and stayed with a cousin in Strathmore. Not sure where Mum stayed. (Another relative) My Dad worked for the Railways Bus Depot on Aotea Quay (now NZ Couriers) He was asked to run buses in replacement of trains. It took him 2 hours to get from Manor Park to Silverstream bridge. We have some photos he took a day or two later around Pinehaven/Silverstream area.'

    Karen Parker: 'We lived in Totara Park and very hairy if you had to go over the bridge. Dad got the last bus out which flooded into the bus. Stokes Valley had lots of slips and flooding on Boxing day.'

    Bree Milne: 'I was at the hairdresser got a couple of mean old water rats come up eek.'

    Ruth Thorn: 'Yep remember this one well, we decided go be brave/ silly enough to walk down the road, not realising the seal had lifted off the road, my husband and neighbour helped friends move furniture to higher ground, they were in one of the units opposite the intersection of Blue Mountains and Pinehaven Road, the stream had overflowed! it was later on that they realised a lot of appliances were still plugged in!'
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    Flood, 1976; Silverstream; Brigade series; Whitemans Valley Road, looking north

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    Flood, 1976; Silverstream; Brigade series; Whitemans Valley Road, looking north
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