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    By: Tracey Kearns16th May 2023 4:19PMThe following comments were left on our Heritage FB Page in May 2023

    Steven Kennedy
    "That dealership would have been as proud as punch too. The mk 1 zephyr, a compact good looking and for it's day a powerful and fast car, the Ford Thames trucks V8 and 4cyl suited a wide range of buyers. WIN WIN for the FORD branding."

    Carnerd Mark
    "The photo date is not before 1 July 1951, by the number plate on the Zephyr."

    John Stokes
    "Indeed Mark - judging by detail in the Zephyr, the photo is sometime between 1953 and 1956 - probably earlier rather than later as there is no Ford Popular or 100E in the display."

    John S. Clark
    "Can't be an 1949 image as the Mark I Ford Zephyr (as in image at left) and Consul models were first displayed at the Earls Court Motor Show in 18-28 October 1950, and production began in January 1951. The license plate 339,745 (white on black, with comma between two sets of up to 3 numerals) dates it to 1951-1956."
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    Howell Motors Ltd. Ford & Fordson Display, ca 1951

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    Howell Motors Ltd. Ford & Fordson Display, ca 1951
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